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Dalian Cheung Wang Seal Insulation Materials Co., Ltd. Production and sales: natural rubber sheet, neoprene rubber sheet, EPDM rubber sheet, fireproof , fireproof coating , butyl rubber sheet, ceramic fiber cloth, refractory ceramic fiber paper , silicon rubber sheet , Viton board and other oil, acid and alkali, high temperature, insulation , fire retardant, anti-slip and a variety of sizes and colors of the rubber sheet, oil and asbestos , asbestos pressure , plus wire asbestos, non- asbestos , asbestos cloth , tape, rope , ceramic fiber cloth, tape , packing, PTFE plates, rods, pads, packing, polyurethane plates, rods, graphite spiral wound gasket . Glass fiber cloth , tape, aluminum plates , needle felt , rock wool , glass wool , fire-resistant insulation materials, products are popular among users. Since the establishment of the company ...

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